Ramages - Any regrets purchasing

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  1. I purchased the speedy and pouchette in the Ramages collection and immediately regretted it. I didn't have the heart to back out of buying them after the SA was so helpful acquiring them for me. So, I tried to love them, but couldn't. I held onto them for a few months and then decided to cut and run before it was too late. I sold both pieces through consignment, and they took a long time to sell!

    Anyone else regret their Ramages purchase? This was my worst and most costly LV mistake!
  2. Hi. I bought the ramages keepall and I haven't regretted it. I use it for carry on luggage when travelling and it always gets lovely comments. I like the colours on it. Having said that if you couldn't grow to love it you did the right thing in selling them.
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  3. I saw someone with a ramages keepall at an airport lounge, and I really did think it looked nice. I'm glad you are enjoying your purchase!
  4. No. I do not regret my Ramages Neverfull purchase.
  5. Not at all. I love my Ramages Speedy and Pochette. My only regret is that I didn't get the Neverfull
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  6. I have the speedy and NF and Love them. No regrets whatsoever!!!!
  7. I have the pochette and have never used it. I like it though. One of the pieces I've been hoarding and need to put into use.
  8. I bought the speedy, keepall and cosmetic- I am happy with all of them and they are going nowhere. I much prefer the ramages to this season's palm dots and chains ltd.ed.
  9. Nope, I am enjoying my ramages speedy. Great for summer.
  10. Not at all. I love my Ramages Pochette. The pattern and colors are stunning.
  11. Very happy with my Ramages NF! :hbeat:
    But, like @tlo , my only regret is I did not get the Speedy!
  12. I really like the Pochette. ITA with the others, I'll be keeping this piece!
  13. Nice to know, scubasue! :smile: Your older thread surfaced -- you should change the title to "I really need to know if I look gorgeous with this (otherwise, not buying it!)". :hugs:
  14. You are so sweet. Thank you!!! :heart:
  15. Yes, today I bought a Petite Malle & I regret it when I unboxed it. Worst $6K+ AUD I've ever spent.