Ralphs grocery store Mastercard, help!

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  1. I'm trying to apply a Ralphs (grocery store based in CA) Rewards Plus Mastercard because I buy my groceries over there every single week. The problem is I went to the Ralphs official website (ralphs.com) and I can't find the Rewards Plus Program anywhere and yes I tried searching can't find it. When I searched, it just gave me the 1-2-3 rewards credit card program to Kroger credit card website their leading company instead of Ralphs itself. I want the ralphs credit card one more, but I can't find it on their websites anywhere. I tried google and that's when I found out about Ralphs rewards plus mastercard, ralphsrewardsplus.com, but yet it's not displaying on the Ralphs site or the Kroger site. Why is that? Should I apply the Ralphs card on that website I googled or should I not to be safe because of SSN reasons?
  2. Ugh nevermind I FINALLY found the same link I googled at the bottom of ralphs.com so it is safe. Why didn't it show up in the search results?! :cursing::rant: