Ralph Lauren's engraved silver clutch

  1. This bag it's actually made of metal,can you actually imagine how much it weights??
    It costs $1,800..personally I do not like:tdown:... what you think?

  2. I guess for the right occassion:confused1:. I can't say its my fave RL bag.
  3. It kinda looks like Vlad's avatar....lol
  4. I like the idea, but it's ruined by the fact that it looks like a buckle for a belt with that type of inscription on it.
  5. In this pic it looks like it's photoshopped. Are you sure it exists?

    I hate metal bags and metal handles.
  6. Hands down for this one.
  7. I dont know honestly Ive never seen it IRL... i found it at thebaglady website
  8. Not my style.
  9. Yeah not my style either, I think the engraving makes it look worse too and its def not worth the price tag.