Ralph Lauren Stirrup watch

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I just came across this watch from Ralph Lauren. It´s called "Stirrup" and I quite like how it looks on the wrist...more like a chunky bracelet, which I really love.
    Although I think 2.5 k is way too much for just a "designer" watch in stainless steel.

    What do you think? Do you like it or does somebody even own one? Do you have an idea where I could find it preloved? Ebay has no results unfortunately...

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    I've seen it and it's GORGEOUS!! I especially love the way it looks stacked with other silver bracelets. If you don't want to buy it new, I guess you'd just have to stalk the reseller sites and keep looking on Ebay. Good Luck!!

  3. You might be able to order it through Tourneau and use some of their promotion codes to get a better price. Lots of designer Stainless Steel watches are in that price category (HermesI or higher (Cartier, Hermes, Tiffany)
  4. I saw this watch in the Ralph Lauren store in the Shops at the Palazzo in Las Vegas and it is gorgeous!