Ralph Lauren Ricky vs Hermes Birkin

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  1. I think all of us would choose the Birkin if given the choice but is the Ricky a nice alternative? Thinking that there are less fakes a bit more unique. It doesn't have the same after-value from what i can see. It's about half the price...

    What are your pros and cons? What do you think?
  2. Well, let's see. Every year, during at the end of October, here...the American Cancer Society sponsors a card. You purchase it for a $60 donation, then for 10 days you get 20% off participating stores. The RL boutique here always is on the list. Last year I came really close to purchasing a croc one. It would have been (everything is relative) affordable. The thing is...if you are going to wear it, and not resell it...does it really matter what the value is to someone else?
  3. Great prompt....I would choose the Birkin, but RL bags are of great quality. I have two RL bags and one wallet that are 14-13 years old. They hold up to all kinds of use, abuse, and misuse. I'm afraid my Birkin will not be able to take that kind of attention.
  4. What does one look like? she said prompting a picture post!!!:smile:
  5. I have loved the Ricky Bag ever since it came out. They even go on sale from time to time.

    Here is the Ricky in Alligator. It retails for $14,000.00 US (taken from the Ralph Lauren website)


    The regular leather bags go for $3,000.00 US
  6. ^^^ Exactly! They are about a third of the cost...you tuck the flap in...I still think it's a good buy.
  7. i'd choose a birkin cause it's a classic and timeless style (ther rl ricky has too much hardware to my personal taste)....and hermes' quality is superior.
  8. From e-BAY:
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Neat !!! thanks for the pic! :flowers: I think one would look great in a toile, but for the money, especially in croc., I would choose H because of the maintenance service.
  11. Interesting :nuts: Especially for someone like me who can't afford Hermes in my life time and can only admire from a far :love:
  12. What stopped me...is all the hardware.
  13. That is a neat looking bag.. Thank you for sharing :o)
    For me the hardware was a bit too much...But in all other respects it looks quite nice... Have a great weekend!
  14. The Ricky bag is hot!
  15. Found another pic of the bag in black (taken from the Luxe chronicles). It used to come in toile as well. I believe the size is the equivilent of a Birkin 30 cm.