Ralph Lauren Polo Sizing

  1. Looking into getting a RL Big Pink Pony Polo. They are the skinny fit, and I keep reading to order a size up. Agree? Disagree? If I wear a large, do I go up to the xl??? Do they shrink? I think I'd be happier if it was too big than too small, but I just want to get some opinions! My hips are wider than I'd like them to be and that always makes things fit worse.

    I'm also looking at getting the Big Pink Pony Zip Up Hoodie. Could I order that normal sized?

    Thanks ya'll!
  2. I find that if you like it very fitted then you could get your regular size. But if you want them a bit loose and more comfy then def go up a size. I find they do shrink a bit in length. I would go up a size if you dont mind it being loose, as personally id rather have something too big then too small.
  3. I have a couple of fitteds and I would advise that if you like the tight look then get your true size. otherwise order a size up. it will mold to your body with numerous wearings and washings
  4. 140 5'7 C cup. S fits tight like a tshirt, M fits a little loose. i usualy wear a s. i would go for the size up.. they do shrink.. but dont worrk about the hips, they are pretty short.