ralph lauren houndstooth suit?

  1. there was a gorgeous black and white wool houndstooth suit in 2005 that ralph lauren did with tiny doublebreasted buttons on the front and he showed it with a black belt around the waist. i scour eBay and consignment shops but haven't found it yet. it was 2 or 3,000 at the time so i passed. any ideas where i can find it? help!:sad:
  2. i knew it...it is probably hopeless! i should have shelled out the cash.
  3. i found it on the web, does it look outdated now?

  4. Outdated? Outdated? That is so classic, it wouldn't look outdated in 20 years! I hope you can find it, good luck!
  5. lv-lover, thx, in my old age i am secondguessing myself too much LOL. cross your fingers i will hunt it down!:drool: darn i should have bought it back when i had my paws on it.
  6. Absolutely not! I love it!