Ralph Lauren Friends & Family 30% off 11/20 - 12/10

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  1. Online code is: HOL2007
  2. thanks I can get some shirts for myself and some gifts for my family:tup:
  3. thanks for the code. :tup:
  4. Thanks! :tup:
  5. Great deal, thanks for posting. I hope it works on the sale stuff.
  6. The Ralph Lauren site is a nightmare...placed an order yesterday because e....had double money back for Cyber Monday. Paid through paypal...checked on the order today and saw that RL cancelled the order but did not cancel it with paypal so it was still pending. Basically I am out of my money at this point and am not getting the merchandise I ordered. They never told me or emailed me. I have been on the phone for an hour between the two companies sorting it out. Ralph never cancelled it with paypal and paypal can not release/refund my money until they do. Big, big nightmare!
  7. thanks for the code. i got myself a very cute coat. :smile:
  8. I got the 30% off plus 20% back from paying through paypal!! yay! got a present for the bf, mom and myself (of course :yes:)
  9. Check and double check your order...I paid this way and it was and still is a huge nightmare. Ralph Lauren cancelled my order because of a paypal glich and I still can not get my money back. Double check your order and paypal accounts...hope it works out because it is a great deal. I am just a little scared to try it again.
  10. awesome! thanks!!
  11. Thanks for the code!
  12. Thank you for the code! I was able to order some adorable baby clothes and used paypal checkout for the additional 20% off as well as ****** for 3 or 6 % off I think...Such a deal! RL has the cutest things for little ones!
  13. Does this code only apply to non sale items? I tried to use it today and it would not let me
  14. It worked for me on sale items too
  15. Thank you!