Ralph Lauren extra 50% off Sale!!!

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  1. Ralph Lauren right now has 50% off sale prices in store only. I went to the one on Madison yesterday and scored some amazing stuff for around 75% off of retail. If you're a Polo lover, this is about as cheap as it gets. My SA claims the sale is only this weekend, and then it will just be 30% off of sale price.
  2. Does anyone know if this is still going on? I didn't read about this until now...

    wow, i really need to go.
  3. Today was the last day.

    Thanks for the heads up! Got a leather duffle, a cashmere cardigan and shearling gloves - all for 25% of the original price!
  4. Only 25% off of original price? When I was there on Saturday, it was an extra 50% off of sale price. I got a cashmere dress from $500 to $70, a cashmere\wool sweater from $300 to $40, a wool skirt from $400 to $60 and a belt from $450 to $80. The deals were amazing! Even if they do go back to an extra 30% off of sale, they'll do another 50% off again soon. Last winter the SA's kept saying the sale would be over, and it lasted for a month.

  5. sorry about any confusion - i got my stuff for 25% OF the original price (75% off).
  6. I'm so mad I missed the sale!!! Do you think it will be on next weekend - or maybe presidents' day weekend?
  7. ^I didn't get a chance to go either. There's a handbag that I want so badly and hate to pay over $1000 for it. I hope the sale comes back.
  8. I got an email from corporate this week saying the sale is back on. I mistakenly deleted it. Anyone still have theirs? I've been on hold w\ RL for 10 min trying to get answer. Wondering if it's worth going over there.
  9. which ralph lauren? I was just there and they said they haven't had any fall/winter in more than a month.
  10. Turns out, it isn't at any of the NYC store. My mom got an e-mail from them earlier this week that there would be an extra 50% off at select locations. I called Madison yesterday, and they said everything was in SoHo..... So of course I hauled down there this morning, and they had nothing. Apparently, some other stores, in the suburbs may still have sale merchandise, but us New Yorkers are out of luck :sad:
  11. Do you happen to know if the stores in CT are participating in this sale? I missed the last one and have been beating myself over it...