Ralph Lauren Bags

  1. What do you guys think about Ralph Lauren Bags, do you own any?

    They don't seem to carry them at the major dept. stores -- Nordies, Saks, etc. But I've noticed that some of them are really cute -- and pretty much the same price as Coach and Dooney. Do you think they are trying to enter that tier? Will they succeed? What's odd is that Lauren has a lot of really inexpensive things too.
  2. I have one Lauren bag I got ages ago.
    I don't carry it anymore.

    In all honesty I think the bags are the most disappointing aspect of Lauren's overall collection. I don't much care for his bags. :sad:
  3. i have a few of them that I bought on sale at Macys or Nordstroms. Most are less expensive than Coach. I have a cute linen satchel with turquoise leather trim that I bought for under $200 and get lots of compliments on it when I use it. I use them if I'm going somewhere where I don't want to use an expensive bag. I will post a pic. if I get a chance.
  4. I have a large tote of the pink pony series. I love it. It´s great for the summer.
  5. I have a black nylon/satiny hobo with leather trim from Ralph Lauren and I love it. It's really versatile.. I can use it as an everyday bag or a going out bag. And plus it's super easy to clean which is a giant plus for me since I don't have to freak out about it getting dirty.
  6. I have the pink pony tote which i used for beach and toting around books. I also have the pink pony carryall that I used to go to ireland. They're pretty cute.

    I'm not sure if RL can enter the Coach priced handbag world, it could work if they can make cute designs. I've found most dooney/coach people I know tend to be teens/20s/30s. Looking on their site and those bags though, they're going to have a hard time entering the 2-3k world of Chanel, Hermes, and LV.
  7. The collection totes that run in the thousands are ridiculously overpriced and always end up heavily marked down at the end of the season. For $2K, I'd rather have a Chanel bag that I'll still see for full-price in boutiques years later (like my caviar tote).
  8. I've a few of his "lower" end bags (ie originally retailed in the $300-$400 range), but frankly will be passing them on shortly. They're pretty bags, but with little exception (ie the little black equestrian bag), I find both the finish on the leather, as well as the hardware, not as well made as I would like.

    FYI they can go cheap post season ... I didn't pay more than $100 for any of these.

    As far as comparing them to Coach I couldn't say, as I've never been very impressed with Coach (for the money), either.

    I do love the look of the RL Ricky and Aviator bags, however. Would love to see one in person! :yes:
  9. I :heart: :love: Ralph Lauren bags. I love RL period for his timeless designs. My fave bag is the

    Not cheap at all.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I really like this as a casual, run quick errands bag. Or is it that I just like the pink pony???? :lol:
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  10. I'm a RL employee, pm me if you are interested in the Ricky or need more info. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions.
  11. i'm not a fans of ralph lauren's collection. and the fact that they try to promote by endorsing lauren bush would if married to that lauren boy would be lauren lauren :roflmfao:
    but i admit i like the red shiny leather one, i believed i spotted it eore by emmy rossum? it looks quite good
  12. um, how do they promote that?
  13. I have a RL bag, with signiture monogram in light purple. It only Costs $20! I get a LOT of compliments on it. It's 10"X6"X6". I bought it at Marshalls.
  14. i have two ralph lauren bags with nylon, i think they are great for school.
  15. mmmmm - those are great bags, especially the one on the left.