Ralph Lauren Bags, Who has them?

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  1. No, can't say I have, but I'm curious too! I noticed a picture of this RL bag in another thread and it was love at first sight, LOL!
  2. yep^, the black one! it's beautiful!
  3. That's a gorgeous bag!

    I don't have any RL bags, but a lot of my wardrobe is RL. Over the years, I have stalked the sales and the outlet...if you play your cards right, you can pick up something decent from RL and pay less than a cheaply made piece from some place like Target!

    I'm sure these bags are qood quality, just like the clothes. I'd love to see them IRL.
  4. He's my absolute favorite designer for clothes, home, and accessories! Love everything he touches!
  5. I have one of Ralph's Speedy bags, it has a stirrup that's attached to it..just gorgeous!!! I think this baby will have to come to Mama...in the saddle. :sweatdrop:
  6. Here's my RL Speedy. I THINK it retailed at around $995, and I got it from a Gilt sale for 3ish. The quality is superb.

  7. Looks so yummy!
  8. The top bag is available right now at Belk. I looked at it, but it's quite stiff. The leather isn't as nice as I had hoped.

  9. You think it's stiff because it's structured or just not a good quality? I'd have to order it to see it and if it's not worth it, I don't want to bother.
  10. I am looking forward to seeing details of the bags from today's RL Show!:biggrin:
  11. I was completely set on a RL men's bag, but it was definitely not worth it once inspected in person at the Ralph Lauren store. The $995 Deerfield Vachetta was thin (especially the strap finished only on one side), had greenish-oxidized hardware (not antiqued, but chunky green mold-like spots), and was not near as soft or comfortable as a Tod's that I pet at Barney's. Definitely extremely overpriced, though on that day I did have a set of private sale coupons (I think it was 40%+15%?). Also, the salesman was rather insane (I didn't even know people in real life did that sweater-over-shoulders thing and talked about "traveling across Europe"). Plus, he couldn't answer me when I asked about a warranty or authenticity card, and tried to make a plain plastic card with Ralph Lauren's signature a selling point. I walked out, disappointed.

    So definitely look at the bag in-person!
  12. I saw the black one at Belk and really liked it. I think it's meant to be structured and stiff. The one I saw was bigger though.
  13. I love the classic designs of RL bags, but they are very overpriced IMO. I'd love to get an Aviator (from a few seasons ago) or one of the cartridge bags, but for those priced I'm halfway to my new Hermes love (Victoria). Perhaps if I could get one on sale for a good price :yes: