Ralph Lauren Bag...Collection?????

  1. I just signed on for the 1st time...Call me Tink...Just found this site and am delighted. Avid collector of anything yummy - new or vintage Ferragamo, Suarez NY, Ralph Lauren, Hermes et al....

    Am trying to determine the value of a Ralph Lauren bag I just scored. (Resembles the shape of the Gucci Jackie-O bag in red leather - doubled buckle on the shoulder strap, center flip-over strap with a gold RL lock attached plus a luggage tag included. There is also a long pocket in the back with a leather covered snap. The blind stamp matches the Ralph Lauren collection type.)

    I suspect is a Collection item from a previous season.

    I welcome any feedback.

    Thanks for the welcome,
  2. this forum is for authenticity questions only, I'll move this to Handbags & Purses:yes: