Ralph Lauren: 30% off EVERYTHING @ polo.com

  1. Today (Monday) Only! just got the email. It applies to everything: bags, shoes, sale items, clothes. Even those great big pony polos!:love: I already have 2! Here's the code:


    Yes, it's that obvious.:lol:


    The middle one is cashmere! $425 though.
    Women big pony.jpg womens' big ony sweater.jpg Ralph Lauren Big Pony polo.jpg
  2. Just used it- ordered another black big pony. If anyone is still interested, it ends in a few hours.
  3. Oooooooooo, great deal! Thanks!
  4. I wish I had seen this earlier! :sad:(
  5. i used it! nothing like getting black label cashmere on sale!
  6. Ohh. It came today! My black big pony polo! I love their free gift wrap! Nothing quite like that sturdy navy box embossed with RALPH LAUREN in elegant gold letters and tied with the black and green tartan ribbon. Ahhh.........sheer bliss.

    Does anyone else opt for giftwrap when it's for themselves?
  7. ^^ Haha OMG I do the same thing w/ the giftwrap!! My friends all laugh at me, but hey it's free & it's much more fun to open things when they're packaged and wrapped nicely. I see it as a gift I'm giving to myself :biggrin:
  8. i want that big pony polo too!