Raisins Raisins Raisins ????

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  1. LOVE that color, but I don't do suede!:Push:
  2. Just not for me.
  3. I LOVE that, but again, its suede!:cursing:

    I've seen the wristlet that goes with that bag in the outlets.
  4. I've seen the bag in the outlets; I actually bought one b/c it was somewhat close to the Ali, but returned it b/c it just wasn't Ali. Pretty bag, though, much nicer IRL
  5. do you only do leather? can u recommend me a good one for leather then?
  6. didn't mean to, can u describe the fabric for the leopard "ali" lookalike?
  7. This is a great bag. Its called the ali and it is leather. Mine is white but it also comes in whiskey, black, and brown.

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  8. [​IMG]

    It's an embossed suede. Beautiful chocolate color and very soft, of course. I liked that it was signature (Coach C's are embossed in the suede) but not as noticeable as regular signature (no offense against those who love the signature logo, i like the signature denim & chocolate carly's but overall prefer leather). And it had a funky look to it b/c of the tassles. Very cool but I decided to hold out for my true Ali.
  9. ^^oh and the inside was the gorgeous silky legacy stripe
  10. YES. That's actually what I was going to post about, I'm glad you did.

    to the Original Poster, I would steer clear of those suede bags with the metallic leather that you posted. I used to work for an outlet in San Diego. We had an Ali in that same combo. The metallic "paint" (for lack of a better term) scratched off the leather SO easily, and it looked absolutely horrendous afterward.

    We had it marked down so far and left it sitting in the clearance section as a Final Sale. A woman finally bought it, but a couple of days later her husband came back into the store (I wasn't working that day, but heard about it afterward) and he put up a huge stink because he wanted to return it and we originally wouldn't let him because it was very clearly marked as a Final Sale. Eventually we ended up refunding him the money after he started yelling inside the store about Coach robbing him and his wife not speaking English very well, but it was a huge mess. I think you'd be so upset if you bought one and it got scratched. It really did look awful. :sad:

    As for the guy with the wife who doesn't speak English well..I thought he behaved badly and if his wife doesn't understand English that badly then maybe she shouldn't be out on her own without someone to translate for her until she learns it better. JMO though. It really burned me that we refunded the money just because he threw a tantrum.