Raisins and other pure dried fruits - the verdict?

  1. What's the verdict on raisins and other natural dried fruits (only 1 ingredient)? Good or bad for you? It looks like the carbs are pretty high - no protein. Any benefits in these typs of foods? :confused1:
  2. I am addicted to dried papaya with no added sugar, dried mango with no added sugar, and banana chips with no hydrogenated oils or added sugar. They are a great snack and really fill me up. On the downside, they are higher in calories than fresh fruit, so you really need watch your portions. I have read in numerous sources that dried apricots are very good for your skin too.

    BTW, I buy my dried fruit at a health food store. There was a small mom and pop one where I used to live in CT that made the fruit just the way I loved it. Since I moved down south, I go to Earth Fare for mine.
  3. Dried fruit is rich in nutrient (vits & mins) so yes it is worth it. But as the water is removed the sugars are more concentrated and you do have to be careful with portion size just keep in mind you can easily eat 6 dried apricots but would you eat 6 fresh apricots? I doubt it, moderation is the key
  4. ITA with the comments above ! If you like dried fruits go for it, but don't overdo it....another issue is that if you do over indulge you just might end up spending A LOT of time in the bathroom !!:shocked:
  5. i like dried mango, papaya and pineapple.
    they are not the healtiest for you, but they are much healthier than cupcakes.
  6. ITA with this and cassidy's comments. I don't eat a lot of dried fruit, because I'd rather have fresh fruit - less calories and more filling. However, dried fruit is still a good choice as long as you don't overdo it :smile:
  7. LOL. Yes, as nasty as it does sound...gas and "other issues" are an icky side effect of too much dried fruit. :yucky:
  8. Dried apricots are nice.