Raising Hope - Season #1

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  1. Did anyone see this on Fox right after Glee? Cloris Leachman was so funny. I don't know if this show will make it, but I was entertained.
  2. I watched it while at the gym - I was also entertained, and I will give it a few more weeks to see where it goes.
  3. I caught it On Demand...it was funny enough that I will give it a few more eps.
  4. I liked it too. However, I hated the show that played after.
  5. ^^ What show was that?
    This show has earned a spot on my weekly to-watch list. Very funny.

  6. Me too! I haven't laughed like this at a show for a long time. My BFF calls me in tears after it!
  7. I just downloaded it on my iPhone and I loved it! At first I wasn't that into it, but then I really started liking it. Can't wait to catch the next episode!
  8. This show is really funny. I definitely have it on my list of show to watch every week.

    The show that comes on after in Running Wilde
  9. My fav part is the mom's vocabulary: dramastically, hermeditary, lol.
  10. Is anyone still watching this? I am, and last night when the baby barked every time the doorbell rang...well, priceless.
  11. Haven't watched this but I may check it out 'on demand'. I've seen the grandmother on the commercials: acting like she's in labor & wearing the cat halloween outfit backwards with the tail to the front!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. It's my new favorite show! I absolutely love it :biggrin: The twins who play Hope are soooooooooo adorable!!!
  13. I really enjoy this show...
  14. Love this show! Too cute!