Raising Helen Black Bag

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  1. I am trying to find the bag from the movie Raising Helen with Kate Hudson. I am really want to find the black bag with three silver rings shown throughout the movie. I really want to purchase this bag so if anyone can tell me the designer of the bag, a website, or even store that I can find the bag I would very much appriciate it! Thanks.
  2. Hi,

    I to am looking for this bag as well. Were you able to find out any details?
  3. Are you able to post a picture or screencap?
  4. The designer is Prada.
  5. Someone told me the the designer is Prada.
  6. I was told that the designer is Prada
  7. Thanks very much for your help do you know anyway that I can find that bag?
  8. So now I'm dying to see this Prada - ??? link anyone ?
  9. I do not have a picture all I can say is rent the movie and you will see the bag it is in many scenes.
  10. No I do not have a picture but rent the movie and you can see the bag it is in many scenes.
  11. Did you ever find this bag? I have been searching ever since the movie came out.
  12. Hi,
    Did you ever locate the black purse from Raising Helen?
  13. Does anyone know the style name of the black prada purse fom Raising Helen?