Raising fund for 2nd Kelly... selling brown LV WC Speedy, worth it?

  1. Hello Hermes lovers,

    I recently purchased Kelly Box Calf in estreque and in love with in but I have not wear it yet.

    My friend has a Kelly 28 Box in natural color, chamonix leather for sell at reasonable price, but I don't have the fund unless I sell my Brown Louis Vuitton Waterwater speedy. I don't wear the LV watercolor, perhaps less than 5x; my hubby loves it and prefer me not to sell it but it's still my call. What do you all think? Sell it and buy Kelly 28?

  2. i have 3 aquarelle lvs. the speedy 35s in white and brown. and the papillon in brown.

    no matter how much i want something H i can never get myself to sell them. i think its one of those unique LV pieces that may take a while before they get re-released. but that's just me :smile: im still in love with my Watercolor pieces.

    it's all up to you. if you think you dont have any use for your WC then by all means sell.

    Goodluck on your decision!
  3. I think its worth it for the reasons of quality that H offers over LV.
  4. I say Don't sell! Why haven't you use the Box Kelly? Is it the colour or the type of leather, size? I own a box Kelly in Rouge H but don't use her, eventhough I have waterproofed her, because I find her small (28cm) and formal! Now that I have a 35cm Togo B take her out every other day! So easy to use and casual!! ;) Good luck in your decision!
  5. SELL SELL SELL darling you wear the bags and god knows I'm not a feminist exactly but.....I'm all honesty sell!!!!!!!!! Kellys are wonderful versatile and comfortable with the strap and without the strap You should go for the other kelly and a Louis will always be there but......you can get another Louis when funds are better. But use them darling they deserve it !!!!! As do you !!! Best. Birkel.
  6. I would ask yourself this question, "Would I miss the LV if I sold it?" If the answer is yes, then don't sell. If you never think about the Watercolor, then sell it and buy something that makes you swoon. (Like the Kelly!)
  7. i would first take your etrusque box kelly out and use it - see if the functionality of the kelly is something that you love enough, BEFORE getting a second kelly.

    the last thing you want to do is, regret selling your LV watercolor speedy and end up with 2 kelly bags you don't like using!

    good luck with your decision!!
  8. Please have the Kelly from you friend authenticated. We have had quite a few situations like this and the bag turned out to be fake.
  9. I'm somewhat in the same boat... Have the multicolor Ursula super mint from 2007 mothers day.
    Was going to take pics last year ready to be sold and dh stopped me.
    I still don't use her. So maybe I will ask dh and dds again this year!

  10. would ask myself that ? as well...

    but you should take out your other Kelly & use it...
  11. I have an aquarelle speedy and that would probably be one of the only LVs bag I wouldn't sell to get a kelly. So, my opinion is don't sell! Try to use the Kelly you already have first.
  12. I will take out my current Kelly and use it this weekend to see how much I like it.
  13. ^^ Keep us updated :smile:
  14. I guess it's all about whether one "collects" handbags or just buys handbags that work in ones life. I have two non-Hermes - actually non-ANYTHING - small clutches - bought them at Saks in the early 1960's. They're both perfect for when I need a clutch (more formal occasions). But then I'm NOT a collector!
  15. If the Watercolor is the one with the red frame, I would tell you NEVER NEVER SELL that bag. I made the biggest mistake by not buying that bag when I had a chance. I think your DH is right. My DH was right. He wanted me to buy it and I didn't.