Raising Chickens?

  1. Does anyone here keep their own chickens? I would really like to keep a chicken coop in my backyard because I love chickens/would also love to have fresh eggs. From what I've read it doesn't seem to be that difficult, but I was wondering if anyone could give me some practical advice on what to expect. Thanks!
  2. My cousins keep chickens at their farm... They're noisy, dirty and mean. These chickens are free range and well cared for as well, its not like they are in poor conditions.
  3. My only advice would be to check whether you are even allowed to keep chickens in your area. In most places it is illegal. In places where it is legal, you need to have a certain distance from neighbors/fences, etc. Despite this, if the city gets any complaints from neighbors you need to kiss your chickens goodbye.
  4. wow...i was just talking about fresh eggs w/ friends yesterday!! I just came back from Italy w/ DH and the eggs there were very fresh..the yolk was orange/ red color, and you can taste the difference..very unlike to eggs we buy from supermarkets here. So, i totally understand why you would want to have your own chickens!!

    a friend of mine lives in Nassau County, LI, and he has his own chicken coop in the back! LOL!! his property is huge though, and they are somewhat far away from his neighbors...I know that a few yrs ago, some neighbors did complain b/c 1 rooster was making too much noise in the AM..he had to go to the village court to resolve that..but eventually, he was able to keep his chickens. he has 3 right now. He feeds them human food, just left over from his own meals...I think chicken are not high maintenance but you do need to make sure your town allows it and also you have enough room in your back yard. I know many pp that have chickens in Nassau and Suffolk county..hehe...
  5. ^^ Hahah it's funny you mention Nassau because that's where I live! I'm not interested in getting any roosters because I'm not looking to breed them - I'm looking at different varieties of hens right now. I've read that hens rarely make loud noise unless they're laying an egg or feel threatened, and that roosters are responsible for the noisy reputations that chickens get. Ideally I'd like to let them walk around the yard during the day and have a nice coop for them to roost in at night.
  6. My mother loves her chickens, they are really easy as long as you have space and don't have problems with noise. They eat grains or left overs, which is practical.
  7. I would build a coop for them where they have shelter from the elements and a covered yard to scratch around in. I would not let them roam free unless you can guarantee they will not be picked up by predators (hawks, coyotes, etc.) Like any animal, there are quite a few things you have to consider about their care. I used to raise chickens and roosters and they were just like my little doggies. If your raise them from chicks, they will imprint on you and become very close to you. They all have their own personalities. Let me find a good website for you about the care they require.....