Raisin vs. Eggplant

  1. Hi - I really need some opnions please! I have been wanting a burgundy/wine colored bag for fall. I've seen the Raisin descriped as burgundy and some times deep purple. I haven't seen one IRL. What color do you think it is? Also, I haven't seen the eggplant either. Is that a deep purple? I noticed that my fall wardrobe has lots of shades of purple for some reason this year and would love a bag to compliment it. So maybe a purple bag instead of the burgundy. Which would you suggest???? A sienna in raisin or a Jackie in eggplant?????
  2. That's such a good question Gracie!!! From what I've gleaned from all the pictures I've seen (not IRL like some of the other ladies - I'm sure they'll offer more information as well)....the eggplant seems more, well just a straight purple. You know - purple...plain and simple. The raisin seems to be almost like a blackish purple burgandy though. It seems very beautiful actually. If I had to make a choice between the two, I'd say that I probably like the Raisin but I like the leather of the Jackie instead. I'm not sure I'm so hot about the pebbled leather. Some days I think it's great...other days I don't like it at all. Probably because I have smooth Siennas and I think I prefer it over the pebbled...but I digress....
    Take a look at your wardrobe - take a look at your coloring too. For example, out of the browns, I had several Marcelles and decided that the cognac was NOT for me, whereas the desert color was soooo much more flattering for not only my clothes, but my coloring.
    I hope that helps. I think it's more than just looking at the bag sitting on a table. I think you have to think about you and what you're going to get the most use out of and make you feel good. No sense in getting something that's going to sit in your closet.....:okay:
  3. That Jackie in eggplant is a really dark colour too. It's not exactly a bright purple. I'd say it's a very tough call. You should have a look at the different textures of leather and decide which you like better.
  4. I have the Dylan in eggplant. It's a dark, blackish purple, very much like an eggplant, ergo the color name. In the light, the purple cast really stands out. The raisin bags, like the Sienna I have, is a dark burgundy, that has a dark plum cast. Color gradient varies because leather is distressed. The Sienna, Frankie and Paige bags came in the raisin distressed leather. I really like mine and it matches well when I wear burgundy, which was why I got it. The newer Dylan, Jackie, Harper, Linda bags will not match well with burgundy. With true, deep plum, yes, but not wine or burgundy. Hope this helps.
  5. Wow. Only true not only purse affectionados would get this, but women in general.
    How many guys do you see sitting around discussing the subtle differences of purple? To my hubby who saw the purple Lucy he was like ".......oh.....it's purple." PURPLE??? THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY???? :p I don't think he was into the color all that much - whatadaguy. I think it's beauty-full so pooey on that.
    Well, I say - buy them both and then make an informed decision! There are several lovely raisin Siennas on eBay right now - so go grab one while you can!!! They are super rare and pretty coveted from what I've heard....:heart:
  6. You are the best!!! Thanks for the input. Only this group would get these type of questions and think about it for serious help. :p

    I think wine colors are among my most flattering. I also wear alot of black. But purple is my FAVORITE color and I have seemed to have purchased a bunch of casual clothes in purple. I saw a Jackie at Nordstroms months ago and really liked it in black. I do think I prefer that leather. Hummmmm... such decisions. I guess I will need to go to look at the Jackie leather again and hope to see it in eggplant before the eBay sienna auctions end. Thanks all! I guess it is time to go shopping. BTW, does anyone know where I can find a Eggplant Jackie discounted? A code perhaps? TIA!
  7. Does anyone have a pic of a bag in Eggplant? TIA
  8. hehe here is the Katy I just bought in Eggplant. It's a beautiful color IMO ...

  9. It is gorgeous!
  10. Here's a stock modeling photo and a couple pix of my distressed raisin Sienna.
    Front.jpg eb64_12.jpg Leather.jpg