Raisin to be discontinued?

  1. My Sa told me that Rasin is going to be discontinued and that some other "violet" color will replace it. Same thing with blue brighton even if it's a new color.
    Is hard to belive:tdown:

    I have a SO for a raisin box birkin and this is why he knew it. He told me it might be one of the last item in raisin:crybaby:
  2. EEEEK! :wtf:
  3. DON'T TELL ME THAT!!!, I CAN'T BREATHE!!! *heart just dropped* I'm feeling light headed! :throwup:
  4. Prices just went up on eBay! DAMN! :hrmm:
  5. WHAT!!! Raisin is the best H colour in my mind....
  6. Huh?! Really? That's bad! I was thinking about the Raisin and Violet combo.
  7. I have not heard that but it doesn't mean anything.

    I do know when I was in San Fran and I went to Hermes with my raisin birkin....the SA there was like oh everyone wants that now...its hard to get, etc

    I think it was easy to get for awhile....or easier and now its a hot color!
  8. My SA told me that no one wanted the raisin box birkin when the color was first introduced... now, everyone wants one. I knew I should have bought the raisin box elongue that I passed on! Darn!
  9. Raisin box is to die for!!! With gold hardware :love:
  10. Dear Ms. Costa:

    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I may NEVER complete my railbow w/o Raisin........... :sad:

  11. OHHHHH:drool: Could you post a picture? Pleeeease?
  12. Oh, that's just too bad. Raisin is very beautiful... especially in box.:love:
  13. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  14. I have never really had a thing for raisin (or BJ for that matter) I don't find them that appealing. But it would suck if a color i loved (like gold) was discontinued.

    p.s. purple is the color of sexual frustration :whistle:
  15. ^Oh really:sweatdrop: