Raisin Sienna's coming today!

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  1. Should be here this afternoon! :yahoo::wlae::supacool::okay::drool::woohoo::happydance::dothewave:
  2. Oohh....That means I will have to wait until the evening (london time) to see it!
    LOL...I cant wait. I love checking out other peoples purchases.

    Right thats it!! The kids are going to be in bed by 8.30pm so I can view it in peace!! :lol:
  3. Can't wait to see pics, the raisin color intrigues me...
  4. Oh my mum has that raisin sienna! Its a cute colour but the leather isn't as good as older siennas. Congrats on your new bag. :smile:
  5. Oh, I can't wait to see it Grace! How exciting for you!
  6. She's here and OMG...I only WISH the pictures did the color justice! It's so deep and rich and gorgeous! It's like a vintage cabernet...I don't know if I'll be able to wait til fall to wear this bag!

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  7. :drool: Is that a great color, or what?? You must be so excited. I'd wear it starting today. Forget Fall!!
  8. WOW!!!! I love the colour on the second pic. I also think the leathers texture really suits the colour of this sienna. :yes:

    I would definatley start using it now to break it in nicely before Autumn (fall)
  9. What a great shade of raisin, it is beautiful.
  10. That is beautiful! I love it!
  11. Beautiful color and the leather looks yummy. Congrats.
  12. Beautiful Grace! Was the Sienna and Jessie the only bag they brought out in Raisin? I don't recall seeing any others. I love my Jessie in Raisin. I've had her over a year and a half now and there is no color loss or fading. I love it and you are going to love yours.
  13. Congrats on that Sienna, Grace, I would wear it now (could never put any new bag away for months...)
  14. Thanks, guys. I have been dying for a raisin for ages.

    Lexie, they did a Paige in Raisin and I searched high and low for one because I don't have a Paige and I do have a bourbon Sienna. But it wasn't meant to be and I'm happy with the two Siennas. It really is the perfect bag!
  15. Stunning! I may have to re-think that bark gretchen and look for a raisin jessie.
    Congrats to you, she's absolutely beautiful!