Raisin Sienna on-hold at NM Last Call

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    My husband is making this post because I'm still shopping. I just put a Kooba Raisin Sienna on-hold at the Last Call in Orlando. It is 20% off, sale price is: $300. Use your NM card to get an additional 5% off; shipping is $12.95. Item is on hold until 5pm Eastern Time, under my name: MJ Wilson.

    Hopefully, someone will take advantage of this great deal.
  2. How nice of you (and how nice of Hubby, too!)! I hope someone here gets that Sienna!
  3. Me too!
  4. I wish I saw this earlier. I will check tomorrow. That was very nice of you.
  5. What a wonderful thought, to think of your fellow Kooba lovers. It's a great deal so I hope someone grabs it quick.
  6. Hi all, How would you purchase this bag? Would you have to be in Orlando and pick it up at the store? thanks!
  7. No, you just call and they ship it to you.
  8. So it would be around $250.00 inc. shipping?
  9. No, I think it's $375 originally plus the 20% off, then add the tax and shipping.
  10. Correctamundo....! :tup:
  11. Yeah, that's correct! I was dictating all that to my husband while I was shopping...I'm surprised he got it right! Plus there was a discount for NM card holders and a further discount if you got a new card that day!

    I hope someone got it. In the past the SA would hold for 24 hours. She only did a 2 hour hold that day.

    The week before, that NM Last Call had a beautiful Kooba Suede Carla in a light brown color. I didn't get it since I already had the brown leather Carla.

    I'll keep you guys posted next time I go!

    You know, I have a "smart" phone but don't want to pay for internet access. If I did have access, I would just be posting to tpf about all the purses I was finding on my travels!
  12. So do they have a last call dept where you can see the bags in a Neiman Marcus store? sorry for the silly question but I live in a town where there is no Neiman marcus within three states. I can only check online for Last call.
  13. They couldn't show all the bags in a Last Call store! Sometimes there are some bags listed online, but it's not the Last Call's inventory. Unfortunately you have to visit a store or call on the lead like I provided above!
  14. Where do you call? Because I called NM just a few moments ago and the person was rude and not very helpful. He said everything they have available is listed online and he couldn't help me with anything else.

    I called because the Kooba Natasha in red that I preordered was cancelled. I got the email today stating they were out of stock and I wasn't going to recieve it. So I was trying to find another bag.
  15. Dyannek - If you want a bag from NM Last Call you have to call THAT STORE! Not the main 800# for Neiman Marcus! As I said above, the NM website does not have inventory for the Last Call stores.

    Call 411 and get the number for NM Last Call in Orlando. There is just one store there, it is off International Drive. Or, if someone says the NM Last Call in Miami has a bag, then you would call the NM Last Call store in Miami.

    Good luck.