Raisin or Black

  1. If you had to choose between 2 Birkins offered, would you take Raisin or Black, assuming all other factors are equal and you had neither color?

  2. raisin: black could be any knock-off. i am partial to Hermes in spectacular colors only! plus raisin is deep and can serve as a dark bag
  3. Raisin is a super color and goes with everthing and very is distinctive. There will always be a black birkin around, the same can't be said of raisin.
  4. Definitely black.... just classic.
  5. Black goes with absolutely everything..........
  6. Raisin...

    Another Hermes color (like BJ or Rouge H)..that no other bag company does the same way...so rich looking...
  7. if you specifically love the color raisin, then go for it. but if it's just another pop of color for you, i would say go for black b/c it goes with so many things, especially in the cooler months.

  8. black is the most copied color..............i see so many black fakes all over NYC. Hermes is known for the amazing colors it produces--that simply cannot be replicated! If and when you buy black, buy a chevre or croc or lizard................ Raisin is such an amazing color..............................:heart:
  9. Raisin... everytime! H colors are the best in the world and raisin is rich and classic and beautiful IRL. I think it is also very versatile.
  10. raisin! the color is absolutely gorgeous!
  11. raisin
  12. I would buy anything in Raisin... it's such a great colour that you could treat it like a neutral.
  13. Definitely raisin.
  14. RAISIN!!! It goes with blacks and browns, and is just so beautiful and distinctive.
  15. Depends on the leather! Raisin in boxcalf? TDF! Black in chevre? YUMMY! It really depends...