Raisin Mania

  1. Well, I got a call on my voicemail yesterday. It was my lovely SA, ringing to tell me that a Birkin had arrived, and it was the same colour/skin that I had put on my "wish list" only a couple of months before. Needless to say I was stunned, and in two minds on whether to call her back or not. On one hand I was thrilled that my FIRST EVER BIRKIN was here, AND in my dream colour/skin. On the other hand, I had planned on saving up some money first and I felt totally overwhelmed that I would be spending even more vast amounts of money if I bought this bag. I was both hoping and expecting that the bag wouldn't be here for a good year, or at least in six months. But no, of course it had to arrive yesterday.

    So, I decided to just drop in and have a look today. I am pleased to report that it was love at first sight. I told my SA "yes, I need to take this, and I'd like to carry it out now with all my stuff in it!" My SA laughed and I transferred all my stuff from my Etoupe Kelly into the 35 RAISIN Togo BIRKIN P/H!!! I had a lovely stroll back to the office, somehow feeling more attractive, LOL!!

    Without any further ado...no stripteases....here's my new 35 Raisin Togo Birkin (ph), making herself comfortable in my office.
    20070914 Raisin Birkin1.JPG
  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Jasperella!!!!:yahoo:

    You absolutely did the right thing - when it comes to raisin, there can be no hesitation! :heart:

    It is GORGEOUS!!!!

    jasperella, it's a colour I would choose myself! Beautiful! The sheen on raisin togo really stand out!:heart::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Oh! And not to forget your Kelly Calenche scarf! :tup:
  5. Beautiful color, wonderful bag! Congratulations!
  6. :yahoo::yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS!:yahoo::yahoo:
    She is absolutely scrumptious, jasper. I hope you have a few weekend outings planned to show her off!​
  7. It is absolutely exquisite!!! Congrats and wear it in good health.
  8. Congratulations, you made a great and wise choice!
  9. Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! How could you NOT walk out with her? She's gorgeous!!!!!!!! Major CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on your first beautiful Birkin!!
  11. Yeah yeah yeah! Congratulations!
  12. Thank you, Everyone, for your kind words !! I am now leaving the office with her, with a spring in my step!

    (LOL, I was just changing my shoes for my walk to the car, and I noticed that my toenail polish is basically dark Raisin!! :nuts:)
  13. Ha Ha - Rouge Noir toes by any chance?
    Congratulations on a beautiful bag. You have to grab then wehn you can or you might end up waiting a long time. Trouble is on 2 days you are already thinking of your next purchase!
  14. you are my twin 35 raisin Birkin (although mine is box!)

    YAY -- stunning!
  15. That looks absolutely gorgeous!!