Raisin Jessies are hard to find (Rare!) so how come no one is interested in this one?

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  1. Jessies pop up on eBay alot. I wouldn't call them really hard to find yet. 349 is really high for a Jessie. I got a Java one one eBay for less than 200 and so did a few others here so that is probably why no one has bid.
  2. I agree with Lexie, $349 is high for a Jessie on eBay, they do pop up cheaper. I love my java Jessie and although I paid $359 for it in May 2007, it was bought from a store (Nordstroms), who provide guarantee and after sales care, so I felt it was worth paying extra for my very first Kooba, especially since I didn't know TPF existed back then and had no idea about Koobas and authenticating them. If I had bought it off eBay, I wouldn't have spent anywhere near that much because ultimately there is the risk factor, plus you can't return it if it falls apart (not that Koobas do that as they are pretty sturdy).

    The Jessie is definitely one of my alltime Kooba favorites.
  3. Also...alot of sellers use the words "RARE and HARD TO FIND" as a lure. Surely it is a discontinued bag and no longer can be bought in stores but I can't define it as Rare when there are 5 currently on ebay.