Raisin Expectations

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  1. I'd been hankering for something in Raisin Clemence ever since my flirt with a pair of Massai and Picotin in that late last year.

    So after a few unsuccessful tries and the decision to take a Turandot in Plum (may Rose be thanked many times!), a Raisin something appeared in my life today, as I was casually chatting to my SA.

    It's a...
  2. Oh, C'mon! We're talking Raisin- I can't handle this much excitement!

    Refresh, refresh, refresh.....
  3. Tell Tell! I love Raisin!
  4. I love raisin. My raisin birkin is my baby forever!
  5. Anything in Raisin is great!!!!...

    I hate cliffhangers!!!!
  6. :wondering
  7. any chance it's a plume?
  8. :popcorn:
  9. OOOOOh!!!!!! Raisin surprises are THE BEST!!!!!
  10. oooh, luxury-shops.com doesn't have the raisin kelly anymore...could it be????
  11. IMG_3695.jpg

    Pictures didn't come out too good so I'll leave you with this teaser until tomorrow...

    Note: it has brushed palladium hardware!
  12. that is a massai if I have ever seen one!
  13. Ha a Raisin Massai!!! OOOHH more pics please!
  14. until tomorrow??? I have a raisin bolide in clemence and still am dying to see what yours is!!! No fair!!!!
  15. wowaza! That will be one very yummy raisin massai:drool: