Raisin d'Etre

  1. I don't usually do a reveal (I don't usually make puns either), but I am loving this color so much. SA had said this was coming but didn't know when. Herewith my new 35 Raisin Togo PHW:
  2. asa-so beautiful
  3. Wow! I love this color! Great bag :drool:
  4. She gorgeous asa. Love Raisin, its a wonderful colour.
  5. I'm so glad you did this reveal! Thanks for sharing:yes:
  6. Congratulations, Asa!

  7. Congrats!! Thanks for posting! Such a lovely bag!x
  8. absolutely stunning asa! congrats!
  9. The Raison d'être (the reason for the existence) of this birkin is it was made to be used by You!
  10. Gorgeous! :heart:
  11. Beautiful!
  12. she's beautiful... i am in love! i've been waiting for the same bag except in ghw... but i think i'm leaning towards phw!!
  13. Great play on words and you have my dream bag!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :heart: Wear her in great health and happiness.
  14. ASA, this is one of my dream bags as well! Gorgeous!
  15. Many congrats!!!

    What a beauty, Asa. Could you bring her for the next meet up? :yes: