Raisin Birkin vs Prune Birkin, also clemence, togo and epsom

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  1. Dear all lovely ladies,
    Sorry, I am very new to Hermes. But I just want to know the color difference between Prune and Raisin Birkin, they looked very similar to me, which one is more popular? The other thing is the difference between clemence, togo and epsom leather, which one is better? Many many thanks! Also the sizes 30, 32 and 35??? 40cm seems to be too big for me, how about the others? Which one is more wanted? Thanks, thanks, thanks!:tup:
  2. Hi!

    If you look under the Hermes reference subforum you will find pictures of both colours under the red/pink/purple family.

    Raisin has more blue undertones, whilst prune has more brown and red undertones. Both are absolutely stunning.

    Leather choice depends really on what sings to your heart. I got a clemence raisin because I love the floopiness of it, but not everyone loves that. Togo is slightly less floopy than clemence and it sometimes has veins. Epsom is less flexible and hence gives a stiffer bag. And it has no grains. Again if you look in the reference threads you'll be able to compare.

    As to size, 32 in birkin doesn't exist. Between a 30 and a 35 it is a question of use you'll have for the bag, and type of sizes you like. 35 is the one most people go for for the first birkin, although some people prefer the smaller lighter 30.

    All-in, it is a question of what you like and which bag you find that tells you "please lady take me home with you!"...

    Good luck!
  3. Ditto what LittleH said!

    I prefer raisin clemence too but I may be biased because it's the only color/leather I have so far. It's a Lindy as I don't have a Birkin.

    Raisin (to me) is more purple while prune is more burgundy but it all depends on what leather you get. Raisin clemence is darker than say, raisin swift or box which is brighter purple.

    Good luck!
  4. Raisin, to my eye, is a rich, deep royal purple. Fantastic paired with earth tones especially green. Just beautiful.
  5. Prune has a brown undertone. Raisin is just a really rich and deep eggplant purple. When I saw prune in person, I just didnt like it coz of the brownish red that it has whereas raisin is just beautiful IMO. I have Raisin in Clemence for my birkin and i think it's really pretty. Many people love raisin in epsom and box leather too. It's just a matter of preference.
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    dear ppsam, we were all H novices once, and since you cannot waltz into an H boutique and try on every size birkin, kelly and HAC, you have to rely on the wonderful research and reference photos provided by some of the revered tpf Hermes forum members...

    here is a link to the size reference thread, IMO it is THE BEST tool to to help you decide the size that best suits you....you can also use the search tool to search for specific leather/color combos..


    or best visit a boutique and ask to see the book with the color/leather swatches...good luck, enjoy the research, it doesn't cost a thing to do and feel jsut like window shopping!!!
  7. Agree with what has been said about the colors but check each color in different leathers because the dye takes differently. Epsom is a stamped leather and, to me, looks a little plasticky. Togo and clemence are both grained leathers; clemence is a little slouchier.
  8. I saw raisin clemence today, Omg, it is gorgeous. sigh. I love H colors.
  9. I wouldn't spend that type of money with a reseller who wouldn't even take the time to explain the condition of the bag.
  10. Well, the seller did post 23 photos of the bag. And I am sure would answer any questions.
  11. i have always found let-trade to be responsive, not loquacious, but definitely responsive and honest about condition.... and yes lots of pictures!
  12. Let-trade is really awesome once you email them with your direct questions. I have a raisin box birkin and LOOOOVE it. Purple is my favorite color since I was seven years old, so I'm a bit biased. Good luck in finding what you want!
  13. Thank you so much for your swift response. I really longed for birkin since years ago, however, it's too expensive for me and the waiting list was closed in Hong Kong for quite some time already. What's the average price for a size 30 or size 35 birkin?
  14. Thanks for the reference guide, I know more about it after studying...haha..