(raises hand) Sleep Deprived. Anyone else...?

  1. So there have been countless articles on how busy our lives are getting, and how no one SLEEPS any more...and how that costs companies in productivity.... and how people's health suffers because sleep is where our bodies do a lot of repair & maintenance.

    I started a new job recently, and am now plagued with bouts of insomnia.:tdown:

    Anyone have useful tips for getting back to sleep & maintaining uninterrupted sleep?

    My brain just WON'T SHUT UP. :hysteric:
  2. i don't have any solutions for you but i just wanted to chime in and say in the past year or so i've developed horrible insomnia that i can't seem to shake-i used to sleep like a baby and it's literally making me crazy at night :wtf:.
  3. I suffer terribly. I live off lunesta now. Nothing else has ever worked. :sad:
  4. i feel like i spend at least 3/4 of the little time i have to sleep trying to fall asleep, and when i do fall asleep, i never fall into a deep sleep so i'm pretty much fully awake or half awake all night :tdown:
  5. lunesta, eh? I assume this is prescription? I ask my doctor "if Lunesta is right for me." heheh...

    Anyone else jumping on board the night owl train?

    Who else stares at the ceiling or checks the clock & thinks "wtf? it's only been an hour?"

    or.....you wake up too early & can't get back to sleep? ... i hate that i could've been sleeping for another hour or so, but toss & turn...
  6. Hello my name is hell_lo_kitty and I'm a want to be sleep-aholic. :welcome:

    I suffer from sleep problems and so does my fh, right now this new school year is killing me!!!!

  7. I do everything you listed. Isn't it fun!!! :graucho:
  8. Me me me!
    I spend hours staring at the curtains and wake up too early. Which might not be a bad thing, because I need a lot of time to get rid of the undereye circles.
  9. oh i feel for you girls. I sent the last 23 years of my life not sleeping, and yes its 'scripted, and lunesta was right for me, and I wouldnt have it any other way.

  10. Yup - all that and more!

    I'm having more and more trouble sleeping through the night. I know it's stress related, but the neighbor's barking dog isn't helping matters. Lately he has started barking at about 9pm and will go non-stop for about 40 minute, then stops, then starts, stops, starts, stops. Last night I screamed out my back window at 3:30AM to SHUT UP!:hysteric:

    I stare at the wall, toss and turn, and very often check the clock only to find it's only been an hour. I wake up early, or in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep until about 5:30....then of course, just when I'm starting to doze off....the ALARM GOES OFF!

    I've tried turning on the TV to help me fall asleep (worked before, but not now), Tylenol PM (felt like I had a hangover the next morning), Motrin (better), the whole "relaxation warm bath before bed" treatment (just got all wrinkly from staying in the tub too long). Nothing seems to work. Haven't tried Lunesta but may need to see the doc about that one.
    Thanks ladies. I was thinking this was just me.....but sorry you're all having this problem too.
  11. oooh... i just have to add... i just got back from a visit to doc, and while we're waiting on work-up to see if my tiredness & insomnia have any actual physical reasons (anemia, thyroid, diabetes, etc), she gave me low dose Lunesta to see how i react to it until next week when i go back for follow up...

    ...i still woke up early, but the tug to sleep was better & i didn't toss & turn... nice! :tup:

    I did, however, wake up with the worst taste in my mouth! i read that it (bitter, metallic taste) is a side effect, but for those of you taking it regularly.... does it go away, or am is this going to be something i might have to get used to?
  12. I have horrible sleep patterns. I make up for lost sleep when I have time to sleep. So some nights I sleep 5 hours or less and some nights I sleep 15 hours. Not perfect, but it works for me. I take a lot of naps too.
  13. That is terrible, I feel your pain. I personally don´t have sleeping problems, but my mum does. (and she works in medical field)
    -If you´re stressed in your life, you should try relaxation classes and yoga.
    -No coffee or tea after 4 p.m
    -No active sports should be done after 7 p.m that´s when our body start to relax to get ready for sleep.
    -drinking herbal tea like camomille or verveine before bed, the French do this.
    -when waking up and not falling asleep again, try to read. (tv can be too awakening and our own thoughts can drive us nuts).
    Is there in USA´s hospitals some "sleeping problems" departments ?
    My mum works next to one, it´s a serious medical problem, and that´s where people with serious sleeping problems go for examination and help.
    people who haven´t slept in years, people who fall asleep all the time....
  14. One of my goals for the next year is to try to get my SO into a sleep clinic to diagnose his sleep apnea. He snores, but he also has moments when he stops breathing.... i know he's not getting restful sleep bc this guy can fall asleep immediately whenever in a prone position....
  15. I've been suffering from the worst insomnia lately too! It's so weird...I'm exhausted but when I do get into bed and turn off the lights, my brain just won't stop...I'll lay there for hours and hours, panicking more and more as each hour goes by and I realize I have only 6/5/4/3 hours left to sleep...I think it might be anxiety. Grad school has been killing me lately. It's making me stressed and anxious and emotionally unbalanced. I think even my hormones have been affected!! I'm thinking of getting on Lunesta or Ambien CR.