Raised prices....

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I was just perusing the eluxury and noticed that they have raised their prices. I only noticed the price change in the speedy's because those are the ones I remember best. The Speedy 25 is now $625 (was $590) while the Speedy 30 is currently $650 (was $620). I am not shocked by this but was wondering how everyone else felt about the the change in price and the current $25 difference between the two sizes.

    How often does this happen?!

  2. You must not have been on there for a while. They changed their prices about a month ago. Typically it's 2-3 times a year.
  3. every half a year?
  4. :yes: that price changed was made on Feb 23rd
  5. Oh wow, I guess I wasn't in the loop, thanks guys!
  6. oh so the speedy prices were only changed in february? wow i didnt know that! if i did, i would have gotten mine like back in january lol.
  7. Seems like they're always changing, huh??? :yes:
  8. *Sigh* LV always increase their prices. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!
  9. not suprised here. with the current market, it's gonna go up even more. $$$ isn't worth that much no more. rolex just recently did a 10% increase too.
    i thought you meant it went up AGAIN