Rainy Prada vs LV Review

  1. To those from Melbourne can look for PIL..She is a very caring SA in Collins st.She provides me a cover so that my LV shopping bag won't get wet .Other SA didn't treat the same way .

    anyway I hav been struggling between prada and LV lately ..end up prada don't have the colour I want.I found that prada cameo seems easily have dark black spot on the crossbody straps.

    So finally I bought LV..Anyone here ?:p
  2. Me, let's see what you got!!
  3. Lets see!
  4. My SA in Collins street gave me the "rain coat" for my lv shopping bag too
  5. Had the same problem with my prada. And congrats on your bag
  6. With raincoat
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    Usual ribbon
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    Any guess?
  10. U there today ?
  11. Open open open!!!
  12. What's going on? It just stopped.
  13. Here too, I hope nobody has fallen asleep again:giggles:
  14. Sorry was having dinner ..
    Here you go My Sully MM baby:smile:
  15. Trying the bag ..was kinda tired because went to gym for 2 hrs @.@