Rainy day today equals to bad bad day!!!


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Feb 16, 2006
hi girls..
i'm so depressed today..seriously need to B*tch..
it was a rainy rainy day in Los Angeles..and i was up studying for an exam and had only two hours to sleep..then i went off to school early in the morning..The rain was horrible..it was cold and i could barely see. Everything was ok..i was driving safely and was around 1 or 2 miles away from the parking lot when *bam* a car hit my Bambi (my baby's name)..he didn't see the red light and went straight off for my bumper..i was Shocked beyond belief..being the horrible driver and not to mention only 3 months old driver that i am, i was yet still able to control my driving..this guy..who apparently look much older than i am was suppose to be a better driver!!!that's all right i wasn't too pissed at first..just plain shocked cause that was my first accident ever since i started driving..and i was alone this morning to make it worst..thenn,because of the traffic so we couldn't stop in the middle of the road to settle the problem..so he drove his car to my left and rolled down his windows..then politely i just told him to meet me up front where we could stop at the side of the road..he seemed guilty and said yes he'll meet me up front..so he drove first and guess what.. he DROVE AWAY!!!he was nowhere to be found!!!!i kept searching for him!!!but of course he was nowhere to be seeen!!!i was so upset..i called the police and i was on hold for like 15 mins till they attended to my call..and mind you..it was the emergency line..can you believe it..and i waited for about 50 mins and they didn't show up..and i had to go for class for the exam..and to make matters worst..i missed my morning class too...so i called the police again..waited for like 20 mins this time before they received my call and told them not to come anymore cause i had to leave for class..
Soon after..i checked my car to see if there was any serious damage..fortunately..thank god..nothing obvious was to be seen..everything seemed perfect...i seriously thank god also that i was ok...the thing that i don't get is..why did that Guy driving a black mustang drove away!!how irresponsible can he be!i mean..what if there was serious damage...how can he do that..i can't imagine poeple actually do this..i'm so upset..and the thing is..if he were not to run away..i wouldn't have made it a big deal too since there was no damage...i'm so pissed right noww..Not including really really shooked up!!!i wasn't able to concentrate on my exam just now..i'm just glad it's all over..this made me so traumatized..i hate driving...

Enough about me..how was your rainy day guys'?
thanks for letting me pour my 2cents...:Push:
I can relate. I am a native CA. girl, so when it rains, its a total downer. But what is the worst about it for me is, my sweet father passed away one year ago today, the rain just seems to make it harder. O.K..... anyone care to lift our poopy spirits right now?
I don't know if this will lift anyone's spirits, but I've heard LA drivers in the rain described as Chicken Little's..."the sky is falling! the sky is falling!"

Mshashmount, I'm sorry about your accident and your sucky morning, and ranskimmie, I'm sorry about the loss of your dad. Anniversaries are hard, arent' they?

{{{{Hugs}}}} to both of you.
Mshashmount - Im so sorry to hear about that very irresponsible driver. Im glad you werent hurt and that you were ok, shaken up an in shock, but ok!

ranskimmie - I have no idea what your going through with your thoughts and feelings on your dads' aniversary, it must be very difficult. You are in my thoughts and prayers. :smile:
OH sweety I'm so sorry that you went through today, well thank god your ok. This has happened to ALMOST all of us or will happen to us in the near future. I had an accident like that a few years ago but this driver was nuts!!! he hit me dead on! And then he left on foot and it turned out that the car was stolen. Cops never found the guy, but at least I was ok. Also what's wrong with the police system out there!! I thought we had it bad. You should write a stink letter to your commisioner. What if it was a life or death situation, someone would have died out there.
ranskimmie said:
I can relate. I am a native CA. girl, so when it rains, its a total downer. But what is the worst about it for me is, my sweet father passed away one year ago today, the rain just seems to make it harder. O.K..... anyone care to lift our poopy spirits right now?

**((((Hugz))))** I know how it feels to lose a parent. Lost my mom to the pink ribbon battle a few years ago.
I'm glad you're ok! Definitely go get an alignment for your car--it'll save you headaches down the road and save your tires. It's not a "cheap" expense, but better than finding out that you're car's been out of alignment months later and you need to pay a big repair bill.

Unfortunately CA police usually don't respond to accidents unless there's been an injury, especially in the rain. They have accidents left and right. I would still go to the police department and file a report. They have to take a report. Just in case you have problems down the road... And the guy did commit a potential felony hit and run.

Technically, you should also report the incident to your insurance, but I know that makes everyone paranoid about making the rates go up--but since he hit you, you shouldn't get dinged...
Sorry about your accident! I'm glad you are safe. People around here simply do not know how to drive in the rain! They think they can speed and speed like business as usual! I'm glad there's no major damage to your car...so you did not miss much by being ditched by the cops. The cops would have taken down your information and your description of the hit and run car/driver and that's it. :mad:

I remembered last year when it rained nonstopped for like 2 months (remembered that??), I had car trouble and called AAA. At first it was busy, and then when I got put through, they told me they can't do anything about it because they were too busy with all the other calls!!! :wacko:

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'm glad you're safe : ) I can totally related to you though (I'm also in So Cal). People here are either driving way too slow or too fast in the rain.
I'm so sorry to hear this!! Thank God you are not injured but what a f...a.... just to do a runner!!!It's not easy to drive in heavy rain when you are not used to it. Unfortunately here we don't know how to drive in the sun. Big HUGS!
Mshashmount.. {HUGS} Sorry to hear this happened to you. Some ppl are unbelievable. But yes, thank God you are ok. Don't worry, karmic justice will meet up with that guy;)

Ranskimmie.. I'm sorry for your loss. You think you're going along ok, then the anniversary of the event just brings u back to the moment all over again. A big cyber HUG for you too.