Rainy day shoes

  1. As a suede shoe lover, rainy days can pose a particular threat to me. What shoes do you wear on rainy days? I am looking for a flat, cute pair of shoes.

    Snow days are also a prob but not as much as rain.

    Slush sucks.
  2. We have typhoon season over here in Hong Kong so during that time I usually carry a pair of ballet flats in my bag and wear rain boots. There's no other way to remain dry in that weather!

    And I agree: slush DOES suck. I used to wear Uggs during the winter and they'd soak thru. GROSS!
  3. Well, I'm not the most practical so I wear a pair of red satin pumps on rainy days.... Maybe look into rubber boots?
  4. I have a couple of pairs of rain boots. One pair by Pucci and one pair by Cynthia Rowley. If I had to dress up on rainy days I guess I'd wear a pair of old shoes and then change into my nice shoes at work.
  5. do rainboots work in both summer and winter or do you have a summer pair and a winter pair?
  6. I think they could work in the summer too, especially my pink Pucci ones b/c the color is so light. But here in Maryland it gets so humid and hot in the summer that when it rains I slosh around in flip flops. LOL!
  7. Blistered, I feel your pain. Here in Vancouver it rains 300 days out of a year, sigh~ I bought a pair of suede boots 2 years ago, and I've only worn it 2 twice. I haven't even got a chance to wear the shoes I scored during the sales. I just wear a pair of ugg all the time except those few sunny days. I carry my other shoes in the car, so I can switch. The designers should use some type of water resistance leather for the shoes, so that we can still enjoy our shoes.
  8. I wear flip flops in the rain when I'm on Long Island because it's clean. In NYC I wear rubber rain boots because the streets are NASTY when it rains. The water literally turns black and gross on the ground. If I'm going somewhere important I wear rain boots and throw a pair of ballet flats in my bag and change into them.
  9. I made a mistake.... my rain boots aren't by Cynthia Rowley. LOL! She probably doesn't even make any. They're from Gabriella Rocha. I'm actually wearing them today. They're adorable. They have little red cherries all over them with a black background.
  10. I have a pair of Burberry rain boots that I wear everywhere in the rain. I got them one size up so that I can wear flats inside of them.

  11. I would say a cute pair of rubber rain boots would probably be best, but if you're wanting to stick to shoes you might want to consider some of Donald Pliner's more casual leather styles. I have a pair similar to the ones below (mine don't have the deep "ridges" along the bottom or the zipper/charm on the side) from over four years ago that I have worn in the rain, sleet, snow, everything and they have held up great - they still show basically no signs of wear and I don't remember my feet ever getting wet when wearing them. Photo is from Zappos.

  12. purly, those are the cutest rain boots I've ever seen!:yes:
  13. I just got these from Banana Republic for $20 (during the 50% off sale shoes). I haven't had a chance to wear them yet, but I think they are adorable.

  14. Thanks dear. I :heart: them too.