Rainy Day Reveal!

  1. It's raining over here so I am cozy at home and think it's time to reveal my beautiful purchase! :smile: I have been stalking Saks for the perfect pair of shoes (with the "wedding" excuse and I also want them signed! :smile:) Saw them on the table, tried them on and I was sold. So here it goes....
  2. Let's see!!! :smile:
  3. Here! :snack:
  4. Sneak peek..
    photo-2.JPG photo-1.JPG
  5. More!
  6. Can you guess already?!
  7. Vampanodo? :graucho:
  8. Vampanodo has no platform......which type is this ?? :snack:
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    Vampanodo 140mm has a platform....120mm does not.

    Vampanodo! Love the purple!
  10. VAMPANODO 140 mm!
  11. So pretty! Can you please post mod pics of these?
  12. O M G ! I didn´t even know there was a platform version of the Vampanodo !! This pair is so TDF !! Congrats and wear them in good health :biggrin:

  13. Mod pics!!!
  14. omg these look so hot! i didnt even know they made a 140! ughh love!
  15. Mod pics!!! That color looks so vibrant and amazing. I wanna see them on!