Rainy day purse?

  1. Would love some suggestions on a rainy day purse! I have the le pliage longchamp, would you carry that? Thanks!
  2. The Longchamp LePliage and my Coach Patent Lindsay are my go-to rainy day bags, so I say definitely carry your Longchamp in the rain and ick! :smile:
  3. Any of my non-leather handbags from Urban Expressions (always roomy and tote-sized), Romeo + Juliet Couture, or Matt & Nat.
  4. Well, I brought my Le Pliage on a sightseeing trip to use in case of rain and the brown stripe bled on one of my white cardigans, ruining it. Very dissapointing, especially since I had the bag custom made on Longchamp's site, especially for the trip. I thought it would be cool to choose the color of the bag and stripe down the middle, and have my initials heat stamped on the flap, but all of that cost extra and now I'm hesitant to use it again, especially when wearing light colored clothing.

    My usual go-to rainy day bags are my LV epi leather alma, LV suhali leather lock-it, and LV mono batignolles. Rain rolls right off all of them.
  5. Damier Ebene Speedy B or my black Balenciaga Velo
  6. The Le Pliage holds up well in the rain, in my experience. Never had any issues with it in the crazy Ohio weather!

    I also like to use my canvas RM tote. Only the trim on the bag is leather, so I don't have to worry about damaging anything but the fabric - and it's easy to dry (or clean) canvas.
  7. I have a plain color Le Pliage bag that has been in downpours and nothing inside of it got wet. I've said it before--these bags are darn near indestructible.
  8. I have a Furla saffiano bag that is nice in the rain.
  9. MZ Wallace. I don't like the Le Pliage because it doesn't have any organization, and I don't want to use a purse organizer.
  10. This bag is not everyone's cup of tea but for the rain (and I mean torrential rain days) I use a Furla Candy Bag in Red Glitter. It is a bright colored bag, and because it's rubber I don't care if it gets wet! It carries everything and a compact umbrella too.
  11. Love all your suggestions!!! The furla bag is so cute! I will have to check all these out. This week of rain in chicago is driving me crazy without a good handbag to carry!