Rainy Day KeyChain got me thinkin....

  1. :shrugs: First off...I just got the rainy day keychain for $24.00 at the outlet! :yahoo: I really liked it when it came out a couple months ago, but not $58.00 liked it.

    Then on the way home, I kept looking at it thinking I could use one of the little charms as a necklace charm. Anyone else do this? Did it work? I thought for $24.00 and the cost of chains, my daughter and I could have a cute little coach necklace and we could keep changing the charms out. Anybody do this????:shrugs:
    Rainy Day.jpg
  2. i see them on eBay with the breast cancer keyfobs. so it's definately feasible.
  3. They can be taken apart very easily. I have two charm-type key rings and I took both of them apart to make two separate key rings out of them. It was simple and I like them better because they are smaller that way. :yes:
  4. what I cute idea. my keyfob has the sunglasses and the signature stripe tote (baby blue stripe) and I think that would look so cute too! Im just now getting into Coachs jewlery and think that they should make necklaces , until then we can make our own!
  5. Cool...maybe I will pick another one up then and try pulling it apart. My daughter would love having a "coach necklace". :smile:
  6. let us know how it turns out (with pics please) i would love to do this! (um so help with instructions also because i am not the sharpest :smile:)
  7. Aimee!! This is the MOST brilliant idea!!!! I knew I bought 3 of those keychains at the outlet for a reason!!! LOL I would totally use the umbrella one for necklace. I think the cloud charm will look SUPER cute with a leather cord.
  8. Yep I have seen them on eBay as well.
  9. i want one now! what a deal at the outlet.
  10. What a great idea! I'm not a jewelry person but if I was I'd totally do that! If you do it, please post pics.
  11. Sounds like a hot idea...i want to see pictures too.
  12. I think that is a great ideal and makes a cute necklace charm.
  13. Great idea!! I would have never thought of that!!
  14. Cute idea!! I want to see pics when you do it!! :yes:

    I don't think I could do it with any of the keyfobs I currently have (because I am attached to them in their current state...), but maybe I could pick up one specifically for this purpose!! It sounds really cute!! (And what a great gift idea too!! :idea: )
  15. Yes, I do this. I have a couple that I kept for myself, gave my dd one and gave a couple away as gifts. Makes cute and cheap jewelry!