1. Does anyone ever replaced your Kelly's / Birkin's raincoat?
    Can we get extra ones for a cost?:shrugs:
  2. hmm.. I'm not sure I never use them 'cause I don't carry my bag when it rains..

    But based on how the raincoat comes in different sizes for different bags and have a tag# for themselves, I'm sure you can buy one
  3. I never carry around the raincoats either....
  4. If you're a regular, just ask for one. They'll give them to you free. However, if you're not a regular, go into the store with your bag and ask. The official line is that they do not sell or give them away, because resellers will sell them and sometimes sellers of fakes will include them with their item. HTH.
  5. Some stores will let you buy it so maybe you can call your store and ask. HTH :smile:
  6. yup... I lost mine, never use them, just feel good knowing I have one.. Otherwise I hear it costs $25.00:flowers:
  7. Even Hermes plastic is expensive....:wlae:
  8. ^ Lol!!!!!!!
  9. I will check with my SA and will let you all know. Thanks!
  10. I saw one on eBay for 80 bucks!!! Buying at the H boutique is cheap....
  11. But you KNOW, it's top quality plastic...:upsidedown: :upsidedown: :shame:
  12. I had a massai shipped to me recently. Should a raincoat have come with it automatically? I didn't even think to ask for one.
  13. Not all bags come with a raincover. I don't believe the Masai comes with one.
  14. Wait, the rain coat is only $25? I've seen fake sellers selling fake rain coat for $300 on EBAY!!!:wtf:
  15. well, you can go to hermes and buy one for $ 25.00 OR buy on ebay for $ 300.00 it is entierly up to the buyer!:wtf: :crybaby: :lol: