Rainbows In Azure Skies

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  1. Well, it's been a stressful couple of months and it all came to a triumphant close earlier this week and decided to treat myself happy and cheerful. I used to own the regular Swagger with black leather and black hardware and ended up returning it because it was too big for my taste. This soured me to the whole Swagger game and over the past few weeks I have discovered that the Swagger comes in smaller sizes!! I decided to try my luck with the 27 size. The dimensions seem spot on for me and I had to get rid of all my hobos and shoulder bags and switch primarily to crossbody bags and backpacks and I wanted something fun. I saw the Azure color with the silver hardware and I could not get it out of my mind. I got it for $100 off during Bloomingdale's sale last week. As an added bonus I also got myself the rainbow stitch small wallet from Macys F&F sale. This swagger is the perfect size for me and what I carry. I LOVE the color!! It is a vibrant blue that reminds me of a swimming pool!! This bag got me hooked on the Swagger bandwagon and I look forward to buying it in many more colors!!

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  2. Gorgeous!!!! I love both of them..... :smile:
  3. Gorgeous! Wallet twins and azure cousins! Can't wait to do my reveal tomorrow - azure is an incredible color. Congrats and enjoy your new pretties!
  4. Wow, that azure swagger is just gorgeous. It looks much prettier in your pic than online. I love the 27 size (perfect size in my book) and have several. Enjoy this beauty and your rainbow wallet.
  5. Congrats on your lovely bag! That shade of blue is amazing and that wallet is so fun!!! Nice way to treat yourself ;)
  6. ZOMG! I just realized that my second run Lucy hangtag is the perfect match for this bag :biggrin: (The color looks washed out in this photo, my camera was low on battery and wasn't using the flash).

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  7. Goooorgeous blue!!! LOVE it!! The wallet is so cute with it too!
  8. Both are really cute!!

  9. Lucy looks perfect on there!!! Congrats on the new items; they are beautiful!
  10. Congrats, that colour is striking!
  11. My favorite posts here are ones where someone is so incredibly happy with their PERFECT find(s)

    So happy that you're happy!!!!
  12. Stunning colour! Congrats!!
  13. What great colors! nice choices.
  14. Looks adorable! my oldest has that hangtag! she has it on a white urbane.
  15. Beautiful and fun purchases! I'm sure Lucy is happy too.