Rainbow Love

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  1. I’m eyeing the rainbow love as the next thing I save up for to add to my stack, but was wondering how durable they are for 24/7 wear? The SA was trying to steer me towards the diamonds. I’m also open to the YG 4 or 10 diamond but the rainbow love is so cute and unique!
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  2. Go for what you love the most,in too love rainbow cartier love bracelet, I'm saving up for one this year
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  3. I have the rainbow love and it is my favourite. I wear it everyday and no issues at all. Go for it!
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  4. Me too, and same!
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  5. Please show us your rainbow loves :smile: we need updated pictures in this forum. I haven't pulled the trigger on one yet but its something I think I want to get eventually.
  6. 9D55AD56-5E76-467F-8E4B-ACFF17A730EF.jpeg B266E2ED-D012-4881-A1FB-0CAE215EE919.jpeg I’ve had absolutely no issues with the rainbow despite my SA warning me about how delicate it is when I was trying to decide. There is something very unique and special about this bracelet. I love it even more than my diamond one!
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  7. My current stack faceu_0_20190508100351.jpg
  8. IMG_4116.JPG

    RG rainbow love
  9. Anyone have white version of the colored stone version cartier love bracelets
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  10. I just have the ring. The color of the gems is less vivid when comparing to the rose gold one.

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  11. CartierForever: I have a on off feeling toward love, BUT when I saw this stacks I changed my mind. Gorgeous rainbow love ! And the peridot (?) on love matches with the panther's eyes give it unified look.
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  12. Thank you[emoji8]
  13. Love your collection :heart:
  14. Wow I'm surprised that white has sparkle the pink version. Makes sense why everyone has rose version ,well I love to them both :heart::heart:
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  15. :heart::heart::heart:
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