RAINBOOTS Choice! Hunter Wellies or Givenchy Rainboots?

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  1. They're both nice, but I'm voting for the hunter's.
  2. i vote Givenchy
  3. I much prefer the Givenchys... They look lovely in person and come in a nice taupe/grey too! Original hunters are so awfully clunky!
  4. Hunters
  5. I vote for the Givenchy given the choice......I think the Hunters are too clunky and I don't care for the big logo/name on the front.

    There are also some really cute YSL and Gucci rainboots out this year;) GL with your decision!
  6. Givenchys. I love the look
  7. givenchy if you have long legs, cuz the shaft looks really high.
  8. I like both, but i'm going to say Givenchy.
  9. Givenchy. They look less rainboot-ish.
  10. Givenchy all the way!
  11. Definitely the Givenchy riding style (more versatile!).
  12. Givenchy! Since rain boots last a looooooooooooong time (I have Pucci's from a few years ago - they still look brand new) this is a choice that you want to be sure of, and as the other ladies said, the Givenchys are way more versatile.