Rainbag/nightmares ..help

  1. I bought my Birking through a reseller so it doesn't have a rainbag. How do I get one for a 35cm Birkin. It is box so I do need one. Colorado is usually dry but we have had some rain the last week or so. The other night I had a nightmare that I was caught in the rain and my birkin was ruined!! I was glad to wake up. However, this has motivated me to try to get a rain bag for it. Will Hermes just give me one for the asking? Would they sell me one? Do I lie the next time I am in a store and say I lose it? Please advise.
  2. Can't help you to get a new bag but I just wanted to say Congrats on your new bag.
  3. Just ask your SA for one.
  4. I don't know how you can get a raincover for your bag, but just in case you can't, then another option is to buy the Longchamp bag (somebody genius posted in a thread here somewhere...) in the bigger size because it fits the Birkin nicely.
  5. you can visit a h store and tell them you have misplaced it and you wish to buy a new one, they should be nice enough to give you one (or at least sell you it) esp. if you have the birkin with u
  6. I personally find the raincoat for the birkin useless bc it doesn't cover the handels. I don't even carry my raincoat out. I just keep a nice plastic shopping bag folded inside my birkin and just pull it out when it rains and put the birkin inside so none of the parts will get exposed to the rain.
  7. Every time I have asked for one (what can I say, I misplace things) they have given it to me free of charge.
  8. No problem. Just ask your H store for one. They always have spares.