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  1. How do your leather or canvas bags hold up in the rain? In NY we get some heavy rain pours at times and i don't intentionally try to get my bag wet but it happens more often than not. Will an LV canvas bag hold up in the rain or snow? I have already decided I want a sportini but I also want something like a business tote or shoulder bag that I can use everyday preferably without a lot of vachetta. Thanks in advance to whoever answers.
  2. With those conditions get something in Damier. That way there is not vachetta to worry about. If you would like a tote, the Saleya and Chelsea would be good choices.
  3. My mono canvs has held up well in the rain. However, I have been able to avoid major downpours. I do agree that something in the damier line would put your mind to ease.
  4. There is a chance if you have one with vachetta you could get waterspots on the vachetta parts. I have Damier bag just for rainy days!
    The actual canvas part though,...there is nothing to worry about...maybe just run a clean cloth on it to soak up the water (especially around the hardware)....but that's the great thing about canvas...so durable and easy to take care of!
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