Rain/Snow question

  1. I am trying to decide between a LV or Coach bag. I really like the large business Coach arryall but I was told by a sales rep that she wouldn't recommend getting this bag wet. My question is has anyone ever gotten their leather or fabric bags wet by accident and what was the outcome? I am not intentioinally trying to get the bag wet but in NY we sometimes experience heavy downpours and even with an umbrella something gets wet. Thanks in advance.
  2. My Coach products have held up well if they get a few water spots, but I am rarely in the rain with them. If you were considering an LV bag, perhaps that would be the way to go for an all-weather bag. The damier and epi lines seem to be pretty rain-proof.
  3. Was it the bag with Vachetta? The new carryalls are fine in rain but the past season ones had vachetta on them (like LV bags) and if you get water on them, it will spot the leather.
  4. I've had vachetta get water spots, whether it was LV or Coach, but the new Coach Legacy leather has not spotted on me at all yet. I even accidentally set my Ali bag down in a puddle of water (ack!) and it all dried without a mark. (Not that I ever want to try *that* again!)

    I agree that if you are really worried about water spots that you should stick with LV Epi or Damier -- there's nothing there that will have that kind of problem.