Rain, Rain Go Away

  1. A rainy Wisconsin day means that my new Speedy 30 had to stay at home today.


    I miss her. But luckily my fur baby is there to keep her company so she doesn't get lonely.

    This REALLY makes me want the damier Neverfull to come out faster so I can still carry LV when it rains outside!!!!
  2. what about a damier speedy. I also want the damier neverfull, date seems to keep getting pushed back. so annoying.
  3. I say use ur speedy in the rain ,, thats fine ,, it'll give it a vintage look :p
    jk ,, or am i? LOOL personally, I use my monogram messenger in the rain and i'm fine with it
  4. any news about the neverfull in damier? im dying to have it.
  5. I called my local boutique and they added my name to their in-store list for the damier neverfull, but he said that the computerized list hadn't opened yet.

    When I asked him if the Damier Neverfull would be released in November, he said that it looked more like December or January.

    And I can't get the Damier Speedy, I am waiting to get the Azur Speedy 25. I need a little variety. hehehe.
  6. You should get something damier.
  7. Yea...I'm in IN and hating the rain too!!! I got caught out in a drizzle the other day with my BV...fortunately the water spots were minimal!

    It's either rain or snow out here....you should definetly get some Damier!
  8. I bought a damier piece so that I would have something LV to wear if it rained. Now I'm in love with damier. I never thought it would happen because I have always loved the monogram. But there is just something about the damier pattern and color that I just love.

    I'm thinking about the speedy. I have a mono and an azur so they could be triplets!

    Maybe you should get the speedy since you love the shape so much.
  9. yeah...i don't fancy rain either...even though I got a soufflot to use as my all weather bag, i still prefer my mono or azur...lol. I am really considering spraying my bags but I'm just not sure....