Rain Kelly

  1. It rained today, so i was forced to use my rain kit.......isn't she cute!

  2. i have seen it with rainkit for the first time --what is the size of the kelly and of the rainkit --does it protect????
  3. I have always wanted to see an H bag in her raincoat... I carried my togo kelly in the rain in SF...no raincoat...no problems in this case... Only problem happened when rain had ceased...damn bird...

    Thanks for posting!!!

    How easy is it to fold the rainkit back up??? Just curious...
  4. Rose, Miss Kelly looks cute! Did she get claustrophobic?
  5. It's a 32 cm Kelly. It was pouring here today. I got soaking wet, but Kelly was totally dry!

  6. So cute!!! I just ran for it!!!

  7. It's was just a short walk from H to the car.... she'll just need a couple of sessions with her therapist...
  8. Really easy, it's well made.
  9. That is so darn cute. It really put a smile on my face
  10. OMG! Are you not suppose to use your H bags when it rains :shocked: without the kit?! I just can't bring myself to use it.
  11. Rose is the rainkit also of 32 or 35--because i dont have a rainkit as it is vintage in 32 and am desperate for it so want to find out if any boutiques have an extra to give
  12. Yes, they do give out extras. Mine is a size 2, I guess a 35 cm kelly would need a size 3.
  13. why?
  14. OH, that is adorable!!! I've always wanted to see this on a Kelly!!
    We've got rain here too for the next several days... my girl's resting after her big outing for Saint Paddy's Day.
  15. Miss Rose, if you will kindly bring this stunning Kelly to NYC, I will be glad to counsel her:heart: . I would even offer to take her back home with me :nuts: and let her live with me for awhile to make *sure* she exibited no negative aftereffects.