Rain drops on Venetia pink bag!

  1. I'm so sad. Some rain drops got on my new Venetia pink bag today. The drops dried out (they were really dark at first), but i can still see a bit of discoloration from the drops, not noticable from far, but very obvious once you look closer.
    Has anyone ever had a problem like that with their Venetia, or did i end up with some sort of a fake. ( I got mine at TGmaxx OFF Runway $549 original, $330 on sale)
  2. I have no personal experience but have seen some offered on eBay that are all spotted from the rain. I keep a plastic bag in my mj sort of a "raincoat" for her just in case of rain!!
  3. thanks so much, it makes sense now, though it's a shame that a bag that expensive has not been pre-treated.
  4. ok, i'm gonna take every single one of my bags to be treated against rain (or rainguarded) i've invested too much to get done in by mother nature
  5. get some leather conditioner.. maybe the raindrop marks will fade when you condition it