Rain doesn't love Rouge VIF :[


another grey city
Feb 17, 2007
san francisco
hey guys, i'm sorry if this issue has been addressed somewhere, but i need some sort of advice! i'm heading over to the UK for most of september and i wanted to bring my Rouge VIF courier as my knock-around everyday bag. trouble is, this color seems especially prone to rubbing off when it gets moist. i'm a little pissed about that, but i'm dealing with it :] - and there is bound to be a WHOLE LOT OF RAIN in england this month, as is typical!

what should i do? the easy answer would be - wear dark colors, but i don't wear a lot of them, & i want to carry the rouge vif everyday. are there any products anyone's tried that might be of help?

thanks so much!! :heart:


Mar 27, 2007
I dutifully spray Appleguard's Rain n Stain protector on my light colored bags especially. I have never gotten caught in the rain to test it. Have you considered trying the AG spray on the mirror and then sprinkling it to see if the color is any more stable? Just a thought.