Rain = depressing

  1. I hate when the weather is all rainy and dark, it makes me sad. :crybaby: I decided to come on TPF for some kicks, but today there has been FOUR posts about someone dying or trying to commit suicide!! I want sunshine!!
  2. I Agree! I'm not going to complain because it could be worse (I always think about the Katrina victims, Tsunami victims...etc and I count my blessings). Still, this weather is pulling me down no matter how happy I try to be. I'm usually very jovial,outgoing....smiley...but this past week--with the weather has been dragging me down...very depressing..
  3. It's nice to be able to talk about this. For the past couple of weeks the weather has really been having a depressing affect on me. I tried to tell my friend about it, but she blew me off. Then I started to wonder if I was too sensitive to the cold and the rain.

    I'm sorry others are going through what I am, but I feel my sadness is understood by some members on tPF.

    I'm at my wit's end with this weather. I feel like screaming and today the wind is out of control!
  4. Totally out of control. I'm in Northern Va. Last night was even worse. I could barely sleep with all the roaring wind.
  5. haha. once again, fab sunny weather in england. iv even fake tanned so i can bare my legs
  6. SC's weather is back to nice and sunny after a nasty day of rain, but now we have really strong winds (all I hear is the wind gusting against my house and I get blown around whenever I walk outside). Sucks, all I own are skirts :s
  7. Yeah! Lets get our "happi" on again with thoughts of shopping and cherry pie has the right idea: self tanner! I think I shall break out my "sublime bronze" and dream sunshine for a bit!
  8. :yes: I agree. The only people happy today it seems are the birds, they are chirping up a storm. They know they could eat well for the next few days. Summer will be here soon enough. "April showers bring May flowers." :smile:
  9. would that be loreal sublime bronze by any chance lolitacali? thats what i used today.
  10. this weather kicks my butt
  11. LOL - I absolutely love rain and dark, cloudy days! I'm in Hawaii, so every day is sunny and warm and a clear sky. :smile:
  12. I know how you feel!!!

    I made you a something!

    Hope you feel better!!

  13. Me too! Rain = no designer handbags for today.
  14. Well, when you live in Vancouver...rain's just another part of life.hee hee. When it rains I love to listen to it on the roof, or with DH in his truck ( reminds us of our dating days). If I buy an umbrella, I make sure it's bright. Why carry a black umbrella on a grey day? Since it's spring, I buy tulips and plunk them in the front door or on the windowsill. Flowers seem to have the instant power to cheer.
  15. It's glorious sunshine here at the moment, but I'm at work :sad:
    Every time I go on holiday it rains! But here's a great pic I took a few holidays ago