Rain boots

Aug 14, 2006
Does anyone own any Coach rainboots? I love them and I've seen the Tattersall ones on ebay and amazon and I'm tempted to get a pair (so much for my ban!). I'm just wondering if they're worth it?

Also... again this is to keep dh happy... should I buy them online now or wait until I go to California and try to find a pair there first?

Thanks in advance!


Whale Tail!
Feb 27, 2006
Bay Area, California
i have a pair of optic rain boots and they are totally worth it! imo, i think tattersall is worth it too! they are so cute and lots of people give me compliments on them....

what is better to brighten up a rainy day than w/a pair of cute boots?

i say you should definately at least try them on....and i'm sure they'll win you over when you see yourself in the mirror with them on. they're pretty irresistable.
unless you've seen them irl, i say go get them on e-bay or amazon.

goodluck making your decion! I'm sure DH will be supportive in whatever decision/s you make:flowers:


hand me my leather..
Aug 26, 2008
New York
I have a pair of Coach rainboots...recently purchased the new Legacy striped ones...hated them in person but when I put them on I liked them soooo much better than the Tattersall....I loved the Tattersall, but the heel (even though it's small) was less comfortable than the flatter ones like the Legacy ones. They're way cuter on too. I've only worn them twice, but love them!
Aug 14, 2006
Thanks!! I decided that I'm definitely getting a pair... they'll be awesome with our winters! I'm waiting until I go to the US though so that I can find a pair and try them on.